Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plutonium Casserole Take A Chance!

Before I digress into my personal stuff, let me say I had a blast recreating the covers of the books mentioned. I was just going to scan the covers, but what is the fun in that?
This comic is the result of great internal struggles. On the one hand I've really been wrestling with how to do the art for Smithee#2. These books help me make up my mind to do them in B&W hatched drawings. The other struggle was doing this comic itself. I began doing it in Corel, but I don't know, I wasn't happy with it.
After taking a break, I decided to listen to my heart and just do it inking by hand. I realize now I want my work to be as much me as possible. And, I want to learn. And I want to learn to draw by hand more. I drew in the computer as a profession doing T-shirt stuff for over 13 years. But have only been doing hand cartooning in the last year. That is where I want to grow the most.
And I struggle with pride, worrying about if people will like it or not. It's easier to hide behind pretty vector art than to take a real chance and put my hand drawn stuff out there. I kind a set myself up in my rush to do something by starting Plutonium in vector. I am a babe in this comic making stuff, and still have much to learn about what I'm comfortable taking on, and how much work it is worth to me. I realize I take a risk by stepping backwards art-wise, but in my heart - honest art is better than pretty art. I have to listen to my heart lest I become totally discouraged and give up all together. Plus, I don't have the luxury of knowing what other people think, cause I am so new and I have yet to get any feedback at all. I feel very alone in this endeavor.
When I began cartooning, I never dreamed at how much it would require of me emotionally.  like having to face a lifetime of shyness and insecurity I had otherwise successfully managed to avoid dealing with. Doing comics and trying to tell others about them has seriously challenged those issues. Somethings I can just grow with it, other times it scares the piss out of me! On the one hand I dream of having my own table at a convention, on the other have no idea how I would ever be able to handle dealing with the public all day long!
I try though. I challenge myself here and there, like talking to the nice cashier at walmart whom I discovered also draws.Or going to artist guild meeting.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Plutonium Casserole The Furniture Conspiracy

Except for the pillow and lamp talking, this really happened. Dang pillow was so incredibly soft, and just the right coolness. It was so hard to get up an let go it's enticing embrace!
I'm learning to use the freehand drawing tool in corel better. Once again, so much for a quickly done comic!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Plutonium updates!!

Making the ware-wolf comic is going to take awhile. I got the pictures I need to work with, now I create the layouts and make sure the story makes sense. But, in the meantime I've been drawing plutonium's almost every day. They just need to be translated to viewable form.With a three day weekend, I did some to start catching up.I dated the posts to represent the day the events happened. So to see them, you'll have to go backwards from this post. A couple were Christmas related.
Just thought ya'll might want to know.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Plutonium weighty thoughts

CLICK TO ENLARGE and then the magnifying glass if necessary.
This is proving to be a challenging image to post - getting the resolution right.Hopefully I got it right!
Well, I have some time on my hands whilst I wait for my partner in comics to find time to help me with Smithee number two. So here is a new comic about writing comics. I think I'm struggling through alot of the issues my fellow diary comicers go thru. Worrying about what everyone thinks, is anybody reading ? etc.
I wrote a note to another diary comicer Jason Bradshaw, and he gave me this advice - "try not to worry about any sort of audience." He went through a particularly hard time trying to do diary comics on a regular basis and got burnt out on it at one point. He does a very honest comic called boredom pays.

 It is a difficult thing to manage doing this regularly. It takes ALOT of commitment. But, I'm hanging in there!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plutonium Casserole The pan of reality

I was laying around one day feeling depressed about the holidays. They always get me down! I realized one good thing about the holidays is they bring me out of denial and confronts with what is really inside. Only then is there any hope of doing something about it. And instead of playing the victim and blaming my family for my depression, take responsibility for my feelings, owning them and making choices - no matter if my family contacts me or not. I'm tired of playing that game! As I have heard it said "I have a right to be happy weather or not my family gets well, gets happy, or admits there is a problem"
Anyway, the phone call was an extrapolation of the actual call I got from Garvin while I was drawing the comic!
It takes me around an hour to draw a page, and I do it in Corel Draw. This was sketched out in my sketchbook prior to making it in Corel as a crude guide.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking a break to focus on Smithee Zombie Hunter #2

It is too easy to let ambition talk a person into doing more than you can handle at once! I need a break from Plutonium to work on my Smithee Zombie Survival guide #2 which involves a ware-wolf. ( that is ware - not were) So I'm not going to regulary post while I am working on that. I might post sporadically anyway, but I reserve the right to be lazy and skip a week if I have to!
I am still learning to color comics in Photoshop, so this was playing around with it to see what I could  do. It was fun!