Wednesday, March 28, 2012

socks #6 - My Burger King Girlfriend

Well, folks, there it is,the finished version. These drawings just keep getting more involved, but then I am liking them better and better. You can see some changes in my girlfriend's face compared to the pencil. The lettering I had to typeset because the hand lettered letters were too small and hard to read. The cell of me sitting on a wall was from a actual photo of that time.
I other news, the dog just got done with a course of anti-b's for a bladder infection caused by another medication. quess what - It's Back! I wanted to get this done and just in general didn't feel like a vet visit tonight, so I gave her vitamin C and cranberry pills to hopefully help till tomorrow. Long day today - 9 hour workday -1 hr OT to help pay for the vet visit!
In even better news, folks from the MLAA invited me to post my Smithee's comic art collective website - YAY! The more it gets out there - the better. I feel validated other artists like my stuff enough they want to post it. Thanks!

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