Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colored Dirty Socks- The OneThat Got Away!

Welcome to a new era in Dirty Socks - Colored Socks!! What happened is I used to do alot of dry pastel painting back in the early 90's and got a serious hankering to pick it up again. So I pasteled this episode of Dirty Socks. It was fun!
In this episode after I was sulking at the loss of my girlfriend, Alec trys to cheer me up by getting me to look past the loss to other prospects. There was one girl I kinda liked, but I was feeling cautious and not eager to jump into another relationship. Good thing, we heard rumors about her. And she and the manager actually did leave and never come back under mysterious circumstances concerning a bank drop of that night's store earnings. Too bad, we had alot of respect for that manager. He treated his employees in such a way you were eager to please him. But I'm really glad I err'd on the side of caution with that girl.

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