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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Comic Day 2012

Remember Free Comic Day the first Saturday of this month? It took me awhile to get around to it,but I was in the mood for my digital pen & ink etching style drawing like I do on my Smithee comics. I could have been one of the artists doing sketches that day, but felt I wanted another year's experience under my belt for now. I'm still pretty green in the comics realm.
Free was dressed in his Steam Punk duds with the goggles, top hat etc. On his lapel was a clock gear pin. I don't know who the other people were. And free has probably been wondering what ever happened to this picture I took.Well, here it is Free. All Smithee-fied!

Monday, April 16, 2012

MLAA Spidey collaberation

This past weekend I hung out with the crew at the MLAA meeting at the comic store. They had their biggest turnout ever! They had to set up 2 more table to accommodate all those artistic people. There is an artist there named Free Isabelo who is a tremendous inker ( I now know) who told me last time pencil something and I'll ink it. So I penciled up a rendition of spidey and gave it to him. He inked it and emailed me a pic and I was BLOW AWAY! I've never had someone ink my art before. He took my mediocre pencil and made it look like if I was a pro comic artist. Other people gave him some pencils to work magic on, but they were so good the way they were, inking was practically unnecessary. Mine pencil really demonstrates what a good inker can do. A "tracer" he ain't. The neat thing is my style is still there in his inks, but looking SOO much better. For those who are curious, I did the coloring in CorelDraw!
Thanks Free, You Made My Day! 
And thank you to Daniel blogett for signing up to follow my Smithee blog!
OH - There is going to be a new comi-con coming to Vegas called Las Vegas Comic Expo !

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

socks #6 - My Burger King Girlfriend

Well, folks, there it is,the finished version. These drawings just keep getting more involved, but then I am liking them better and better. You can see some changes in my girlfriend's face compared to the pencil. The lettering I had to typeset because the hand lettered letters were too small and hard to read. The cell of me sitting on a wall was from a actual photo of that time.
I other news, the dog just got done with a course of anti-b's for a bladder infection caused by another medication. quess what - It's Back! I wanted to get this done and just in general didn't feel like a vet visit tonight, so I gave her vitamin C and cranberry pills to hopefully help till tomorrow. Long day today - 9 hour workday -1 hr OT to help pay for the vet visit!
In even better news, folks from the MLAA invited me to post my Smithee's comic art collective website - YAY! The more it gets out there - the better. I feel validated other artists like my stuff enough they want to post it. Thanks!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A den of artists

One thing I have really been looking for since I started cartooning in earnest is to connect with other artists. I have asked the comic store guys a couple times, and they didn't know of anything. But lo and behold, Saturday night, I was in a funk over an old friend and decided to go to the comic store to get my mind off it.
There they were, a gathering of comic artists! I didn't have the courage to talk to them, so I got the information from the comic store guy who then asked if I wanted to join them. OK, I said and he motioned for the group spokesman to come over and he introduced me. His only question was 'are you an artist'? So, inspite of having nothing to draw with, nothing to draw on, and no art to show off, they made room for me and a fellow pulled a piece of eraser of his kneadable blob and they gave me a backing board and I drew the mannequin. They asked if I had a character I was working on, I said 'yes, a zombie hunter'.
I am such a newbie, I felt like everyone else was way ahead of me. They could sit there and whip up a superhero without even trying. A couple were inking complex comic pages. There were laptops, and a intuo tablet. One new person already has an established character, wore a t-shirt with it on it and had zine size mini comics of it in full color. They were friendly people and did their best to make me feel at home. They just basically talked shop. It was a warmer than normal night and we wished we had a fan.
It was a wonderful way to get my mind off things.